Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Politics: You, the people, expect more from your representatives

As Finland's Municipal Elections are just few months away I find myself  being involved with it..

In the spirit of Stoic philosophy I do not concern myself with my paltry chances of actually becoming elected; in the end I have very little control over the matter. However, as an official candidate for a political party I am granted a voice and an opportunity to use it to appeal to the people: expect more from those who would become your representatives!

Demand your representatives to rise above partisan politics and to work for the common good of the whole society and not just for their personal gratification, party politics and various interest groups.

Demand your representatives to stand for the matters that unite us as a society instead of taking the low road by riding on issues of bigotry and hate, fear and suspicion, greed and envy, and all those other matters that would divide us and drive us all apart.

You, the people, must demand that those who ask for the power to influence your lives prove themselves to be worthy of your trust and respect. Demand that the people of influence and power within the society are to be held against higher standard!

Never let them forget that a government, be it local or national, serves at the pleasure of the people. Be not afraid to rise up and challenge all those who would argue that transparency, personal integrity, professionalism and careful consideration of all matters before decision should not be expected at all times in politics.

Challenge your canditates! Let them know that you expect them to be and to know better.  The people have a voice and when it is focused it is powerful and it will be heard.

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